Chairs affecting your employees efficiency ?

  • By Research Team Blubell
  • • Nov 20, 2016

Specifically referring to the work place, every piece of furniture plays an important part in boosting a company’s productivity as well as potential. With the inclusion of great furniture, you'll have the ability to take your productivity to an entirely new level. It's the reason why nearly all office spaces in the world are providing a makeover to their boring and old furniture by including stylish, as well as new furniture within their offices. 


Being surrounded with boring furniture, individuals often times lose interest in work and it affects company’s productivity to a large extent. It is a good way to reduce stress and increase productivity. It is necessary to remain fit , divorced from all issues in a professional atmosphere to reap desirable results.
Traditional office chairs do not consider the reality of human posture and biology, namely, the best alignment for the human spine, which naturally curves inward at the lower back. Chairs with a straight, vertical back do not provide the support to maintain this curve, which results in slouching and all of the associated discomfort. An office chair also affects comfort in the knees, hips, arms, wrists, and feet. The lower number of interruptions equates to more work efficiency.
On the other side, maximising the employer’s comfort reinforces the belief that the company has the workers' best interests at heart leading to greater employee loyalty and job satisfaction. Enhancing comfort level for employers is the new popup arena for moulding a worn out productive approach into an innovative one. 


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